Volkswagen recalls all employees in its German factories

(Frankfurt) The automobile giant Volkswagen will take over all its staff in all its German factories from 1 er July, when the economy rebounds after new coronavirus pandemic.

France Media Agency

These factories from which private and commercial vehicles and components come out “plan to end short-time working […] from 1 er July until further notice, ”the group said in a press release.

The manufacturer of the Golf explains that “the opening of car dealerships and the promotions offered on sales” had a positive effect on orders.

80 000 employees affected in March

About 80 000 employees in Germany were placed on short-time work in March and they were still “20 000 lately “to be,” said a spokeswoman for AFP.

The German factories of the Volkswagen brand are currently used “between 75 and 95% ”of their capacity compared to the level of production before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, adds the press release.

However, “it remains difficult to assess the evolution of the situation”, and the group says it is “ready to react as needed,” said Arne Meiswinkel, manager at VW.

At competitor BMW, still 4000 employees are on short-time working in June, against more than 30 000 in April and May, a said a spokesperson.