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Q: We have a Mercedes ML 350 BlueTech 2010 (diesel) which displays 76 00 Km on the odometer. We use it as a second vehicle for short distances. We have done the maintenance over the years and the vehicle is very comfortable. The vehicle now has 06 years and, although the paint is still spotless, we fear that the repair costs will become too high. We travel a maximum of 5000 km per year with this vehicle. What to do ? What vehicle could replace it? – Marc V.

A: A diesel mechanic likes to drive. You drive too little and what's more, over short distances (pollution). Now is probably the time to say goodbye and think about your mobility needs. Considering the operating costs, do you really need a second vehicle? The question is valid. Considering your low mileage and the short distances traveled, why not offer a used electric vehicle?

The good business


Toyota Corolla hatchback

Q: We are retired in the late sixties. Because of a back problem, we would like to change our Nissan Versa 2009 for a newer model. Our priority is comfort as well as mechanical reliability. We are browsing 10 000 km per year. We don't need a lot of storage. We are not looking for luxury and technology. Our budget is 30 00 $. What do you suggest to us? – France

A: Taking into account your criteria, why not give yourself a Toyota Corolla? A reliable, robust vehicle and, what's more, offered with a hybrid engine. You could also consider the Hyundai Elantra and Kia Forte.

A faithful of the rings


Audi Q5

Q: I have driven Audi for decades. Currently, a Q5 2018, whose warranty ends in June 2021 and who currently has 58 000 km on the odometer. Electric interests me. An SUV is essential. The E-tron 100% electric does not offer enough autonomy. The Tesla Model Y would be a possibility. Another option is to keep my Q5 and wait two or three years before changing it. Should I take an extended warranty? I travel approximately 12 000 km / year. Your opinion will be appreciated. – Marc C., Gatineau

A: Indeed, you could consider Tesla's future Model Y, but also – if you want to remain loyal to Audi – wait for the upcoming release of the Q4 E-Tron. You should keep your current Q5 to get a clearer picture of the forces in two or three years' time.

Convertible SUV


Volkswagen T-Roc

Q: I have the idea of ​​getting a convertible for the first time in my life; I have the Audi A3 or the BMW 2 Series in my sights, but the one that interests me even more would be the Volkswagen T-Roc. I'm ready to wait, but how do I know if it will be available in Canada? I researched and read several articles; some say it will never be offered in America, others suggest the end of 2021.

Can you help me ? – Sandra C

A: At the risk of disappointing you, the T-Roc (it also comes in the form of a convertible) will not be marketed in Canada. The German brand is rather considering offering another compact utility. As for your two other choices (Audi A3 and BMW 2 Series), these are very good choices. The Series 2 provides more driving pleasure, but the Audi is more affordable.