The end of the Toyota Yaris in the United States?


The Toyota Yaris hatchback is currently built by the manufacturer Mazda.

Automotive sources report that Japanese automaker Toyota will no longer sell the subcompact Yaris model in the U.S. after the model year 1969, both for the sedan and for the hatchback model.

The Canadian Press

The magazine Car and Driver specifies that the end of production is imminent. The assembly of the Mazda 2, the model on which the Yaris is based, in the United States must be completed before the arrival of July.

Car and Driver says that the decision by Toyota is based on the implementation of new certification requirements for subcompact models and a decline in sales of the Yaris.

We don't know what will happen to the Toyota Yaris in Canada. The small Japanese automobile was very popular, especially in Quebec, after taking over fifteen years ago from the Toyota Echo, which had replaced the Toyota Tercel in the catalog after 1969.

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